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The editor expects your professional help in reaching final decision on submitted manuscripts.

Invitations to review, including a copy of the abstract, are emailed by the Editorial Office. If a reviewer accepts an invitation to review a paper, the Editorial Office will email the Review Form and the manuscript in question. On completion of the assessment, reviewers are asked to send it back by email biomedicinskaistrazivanja@yahoo.com.

If you agree to review, you are confirming that you have no competing interests that may affect your ability to provide an objective evaluation. You are committed to a confidential review process.

Your opinion is expected in three weeks period.

Reviewer comments should be provided in the form of:

Basic evaluation includes:

Commentary directed at the authors should be expressed in an objective and neutral tone. Constructive opinions/criticism is expected. It is helpful to include an initial paragraph summarizing major findings presented, state major suggestions/criticisms and minor criticisms if and where appropriate. Numbering of comments is advised as it helps the author’s response and editor’s evaluation.

Your contribution will be acknowledged and greatly appreciated.